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Game Time is a competitive event for performing artists looking to sharpen their skills and enlarge their fan base. Collectively, the staff members of Game Time are a group of people with a passion to help artists succeed in the music business. Our goal is to assist artists in cultivating their creativity, developing stage presence and ultimately equipping them with materials they can use for their music career. The objective of Game Time is to reach multiple artists to offer an elevated platform, paving the way to achieve their highest potential. Success is not a guarantee, but it should at least be in view.

UPDATE! Due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases locally, the 1st round of the audition process is now VIRTUAL! Please review the virtual audition process below. Once the $20 registration has been paid you will receive a follow up email detailing the submission process. Good luck Season 3 contestants!

Virtual Audition Process

  1. Once the contestant fills out the information card and pays the $20 registration fee they will receive an upload link to send their audition file.

  2. The audition file must be no longer that 90 seconds and must include the contestant giving their name, age and why they should become the Season 3 Game Time winner! The remaining time should be of the contestant displaying their vocal talent with as little editing as possible.

  3. Once the Game Time staff has reviewed all of the submissions, instructions to the next round will be communicated appropriately.

$20 Registration Fee

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